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The Brand

CARDIGANO is a committed and transparent fashion brand, resolutely motivated and positive, which values natural raw materials from the know-how of rural producers.

We are building local transformation circuits that are virtuous for all stakeholders.

For our first collection, we offer pieces knitted in merino wool, cardigans for women. From the breeding of the sheep to the knitting of the models, everything is done between France and Portugal.


This is the starting point of the project, to make colourful cardigans without plastic: without polyester, without polyamide, without acrylic.

We are vigilant at all stages of the manufacturing process. There is no question of having elastane discreetly entering our knitwear.

Our buttons are also made from natural materials. And our labels are made from organic cotton. Our commitments also apply to the small details!

We limit as far as possible the treatments applied to these materials, whether they be finishes, varnishes or fibre treatment, in order to retain as much as possible their natural character and properties.

Natural raw material chains allow us to add value to rural areas in Portugal and around the world.

Once produced, they have the lowest long-term impact on the environment. This is what motivated our choice.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any information. Our headquarters are located in Portugal. You can contact us and answer all your questions by e-mail "info @" (without spaces)

We intend to stay with the concept of a small company and maybe our history is like all the others, but what we know is that we make the world a better place to live because each one of our product is natural and will make this planet a healthier and more friendly environment. you and your family a healthier and better life. That's why we do this job with great satisfaction.