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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

 Merino is a breed of sheep originally from southern Portugal. The breed is the result of the evolution of the merina specimens that existed at the beginning of the 20th century in the south of Portugal where black animals predominated.

The production of wool motivated crossbreeding with improved breeds such as the precocious merino (a French breed developed from the Merino de (Rambouillet). Currently, the breed has its highest production in Australia and New Zealand.

One of the many advantages of merino wool is that it keeps you warm without making you sweat. It is thermoregulatory and will provide you with plenty of warmth. Merino wool also has antibacterial properties which is why it does not retain odours.

The cardigan is one of those pieces that has become a wardrobe staple and therefore never goes out of fashion. The truth is that it can be worn for so many occasions that having a pattern that is always there is a smart decision. Whether you have plans with friends, co-workers or family, the cardigan is becoming a favourite piece for it girls every season.

In English, the term "cardigan" describes a "tight-fitting waistcoat" and was coined in the 19th century, thanks to James Thomas Brudenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan. The English general was involved in the Crimean War and, according to the story, started the style by wearing these garments while leading the battles.

Even if our down jacket keeps us warm, we still appreciate wearing a little wool underneath! Jumper, cardigan, little jacket... everything is good to cut the cold.  

If you're a chilly woman, you'll certainly agree with us: cardigans are good all year round, even under a down jacket. But what cardigan to wear under a winter coat or jacket to combine style and comfort?  

Here are some tips:  

- With a sleeveless down jacket: Choose a thick cardigan so that you can wear your down jacket open! It doesn't matter if it's made of wool or sweatshirt, the important thing is comfort and warmth. 
- With a thick down jacket: Choose a cardigan or jumper that is not too thick so that you can move freely. If you like to wear "layers", then choose your down jacket one size larger than your usual size. 
- With a thin down jacket with sleeves: Choose a thin knitted cardigan under which you will wear one of your favourite tops.